(English) SIG Information

National-languge versions of FARAW Website (SIG-specific Information Packages – result 10)


Documents summarizing the content-wise results of the FARAW project.

Workshop Guidelines and Support Materials

Documents describing the procedure of preparing and implementing a FARAW workshop (generic part of results 12, 15, 20).


Generic Templates that support the implementation of a FARAW workshop.

Partner-specific Versions of Workshop Materials

ZIPed downloads of all available materials per partner – size between 40 and 80 MB. Includes all documents necessary to implement a pilot workshop according to the partner’s concept instantiations (covers results 12 and 15 for industrial production partners, and results 12 and 20 for healthcare partners). ZIPs additionally include the national language versions of the FARAW promotional materials (result 9).

Video Recording of Demo Workshop

The recorded workshop is based on a sample scenario about buying a house.