Products and Working Materials


Material on Comprehand comprises of descriptions of the basic methodology and toolset as well as documentation of practical applications in teaching and corporated eployments from different target sectors.

In detail, the following documents are included: 

  • Flyer –  Short description of Comprehand given an overview about the conceptual background, the application areas and the technology.
  • Summary – Summary of methodology and tool, its conceptual foundations and the evaluation results (in German)
  • Tabletop Modeling im betrieblichen Einsatz – Paper about the deployment of the toolset in workshops in the IT service sector. Describes the application scenario and gives information on the observed information (in German)
  • Deployments of Comprehand – A list giving a brief overview about the deployments of Comprehand in corporate and institutional settings that have successfully been conducted so far (in German)
  • Sample Images – Images of workshops in corporate and educational scenarios to illustrate the capabilities of the tool and the content people externalize using the methodology. The images stem from workshops in the IT service and the healthcare sector as well as tertiary educational settings. They are not described in more detail and kept anonymous for reasons of confidentiality.

Teaching and Learning Company and Integrated Concept