DSC09041_FARAW-f.-FotoCollage3.jpg‘Comprehand’, is operating on a conceptual level and facilitates reflection of work in a cooperative way. While relying strongly on computer support to fullfil its role as a facilitator, it is built to let the computer step into the background and allow people to interact with each other and the tool in a natural, unrestricted way. “Comprehand” comes in the form of a table. Participants group around this table and start visualizing their work processes (tasks, responsibilities, people, material, … – what to visualize is up to the participants) using small building blocks. The table  is electronically augmented and supports the visualization and reflection process by various means (such as keeping track of the creation history of the visualization and allowing to undo changes). ‘Comprehand’ is based on the sociological theory of Articualtion Work and enables everybody involved in a work process to visualize, communicate and reflect on his or her individual view on the work process with the ultimate goal of enabling people to resolve their contingencies in daily work.

The second Tool: Teaching and Learning Company (TLC)

Products and Working Materials on TLC and Comprehand