Aims and Objectives

The main objective of FARAW is to transfer the educational concept to the world of work via VET institutions. The immediate target group of the project are trainers of VET institutions active in sectors where work processes require strong interaction and alignement of the involved people and where staff from different professional background has to work together. The ultimate aim of the project is to provide VET institutions with an educational offer that can be deployed as a core part in educational programmes for operations managers as well as directly in partner companies, tailored to their specific work context and staff situation. The project design and its outcome facilitates close cooperation between VET institutions and their corporate customers and thus contributes to the strategic priority ‘integration of vocational training with the world of work’ for TOI projects.

Comprehand 111

On long term, FARAW aims target groups from all professional sectors. Initially, the concept will be transfered to industrial production and healthcare sector. Those sectors have been selected due to three reasons: existing empirical evidence shows that the addressed problem domain is an already recognized topic there; the innovative tools the project is based upon (but not their combination) have already been deployed in one of the target sectors each; and VET providers active in these sectors have actively requested transfer to their sectors. An explicit aim of the project is to develop a transfer and adaptation model to other sectors based on the findings collected in the project.