Teaching and Learning Company

The ‘Teaching and Learning Company’ (TLC) is full featured  industrial production environment scaled down in a modular system to fit into Foto1-FARAW.jpgFoto1-FARAW.jpga single workshop room. It is designed to allow its users to actually play through real-life work processes and discover interaction requirements during work. By concentrating all roles and their activities in a common work process in one single room, the necessity of communication and the actual flow of interactions becomes visible and reveals problems and inconsistencies. While the TLC can be used to play through actual problem situations of users from their daily work processes, it real strenghts become obvious when using it with prepared scenarios of what to produce by using certain means of production. Decoupling users from their actual problem situation and – at the same time – remaining in their work-domain, allows them to step back and reflect on communication flows. In the course of the TLC-methodology, users are then encouraged to try portential improvements or solutions and finally identify interactions patterns that allow them to work more efficiently. The TLC offers further software-based simulation tools that can be used to analyse the effectiveness of altered communication in more detail, if necessary in the course of the workshop.