FARAW_LONG_RGB_3C_smallFARAW (Facilitating Articulation and Reflection about Work) is a two-year project funded under the “Transfer of Innovation” scheme in the Leonardo-da-Vinci programme. It aims at transferring methodology and tools for articulating and resolving problematic work situations and building competency in deploying these instruments in operative work settings. The already existing instruments are transfered and adapted by 10 partners-vocational training providers- in industrial production and healthcare throughout 8 European countries- Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain.

The modern working world sets high expectations on people in terms of quality, effectiveness and efficiency of their contribution to the work process. Collaboration with others, adhering to regulations and reacting appropriately to changes are skills that are necessary for today’s workers, regardless of their profession and domain they are working in. Being able to develop an understanding of how one’s work is situated in its professional environment and reflecting about how it is interrelated to others it thus crucial for individual work satisfaction and overall work success.

FARAW is a teaching method that facilitates the development of these reflection skills.
It follows an interactive, scenario-based approach in which students learn to articulate and communicate how they work and interact with others. The concept is based on an interplay of action and reflection phases. In the action phases, the students perform roleplays of work scenarios they are con- fronted with in their daily life. In the reflection phases they build models of what each participant did in the course of the work pro- cess and where interaction and communication happened.